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Dr. Sola Togun-Butler teaches people effective coping skills to transform their emotional, cognitive, and mental health.

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Dr. Sola Togun-Butler


Hello there!

My name is Dr. Sola Togun-Butler. I am a licensed clinical therapist, a professional speaker, and a Certified Professional Life Coach (Wellness & Relationships). Nothing makes me happier than working with my clients to achieve their coaching goals. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Nigeria and raised in New York City. I love to travel and learn about other cultures. As stated by Michael Palin, “once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote and I know I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”. Traveling is my self-care. Part of being a wellness coach is encouraging my clients to engage in self-care on a daily basis and teaching them effective self-care techniques that they can incorporate into their busy schedules and everyday lives. Taking care of ourselves has the added benefit of improving our interpersonal relationships.

I am also a professional speaker who offers solutions for enhancing corporate culture, improving mental health & wellness, minimizing stress, and preventing burnout. I highlight the importance of cultural competency in the workplace and effective communication techniques to improve relationships. I empower women to go from burnout to balance by utilizing realistic self-care toolkits for a work-life balance.

53% of women struggle with burnout making it challenging for them to optimize their careers and lifestyle. As a wife, mother, educator, and entrepreneur I  understand how the unrealistic demands of our time can put us on the path to burnout.

What about your needs? Your needs are the first to go as you have limited time for self-care trying to juggle it all.

What about your emotions? You are angry, sad, frustrated and you barely have time to process your emotions.

What about your thought patterns? You notice negative thought patterns, overthinking, self-defeating thoughts and it is impacting your behavior but you have no energy to restructure your thoughts.

Book a free 20-minute video consultation today and let’s get you on the path to balance!

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Clients are saying

“Dr. Sola’s expertise in making complex subjects accessible and her ability to offer practical, actionable advice truly set her apart as a speaker. Her engaging presentation style at our wellness event left a lasting impact, leaving the audience empowered and inspired to take positive steps toward their well-being”.

-Janet, M.
United Kingdom

“During our couples coaching sessions, Dr. Sola was fully engaged and suggested tools to help improve communication in our marriage. Those techniques saved our marriage. We are forever grateful”

-Deborah G., & Barry G.
New York

“I wasn’t sure how to achieve my life goals. Working with Dr. Sola gave me the clarity I needed to develop SMART goals and objectives. I could not have done it without her coaching style”

-Sara P.

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